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August 2012

Ten Core Competencies

As part of their degree requirements, students pursuing college degrees in social work must commit to rigorous fieldwork (hands-on internships) requirements. In fact, this field work is considered the “signature pedagogy” of the field.  Daily Work takes very seriously our commitment to providing exceptional fieldwork experiences for interns and clients alike. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) has established 10 core competencies and 41 practice behaviors that guide social work practice. Clients who come to Daily Work can expect our staff to work to the best of their abilities to implement the practice behaviors associated with each competency.  To …
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Blog Post: Diverse people, diverse needs

Last year, 80 percent of the people Daily Work served were born in another country. A key component to helping people find work and become self-sufficient is helping them both recognize the changes they need to make and then empowering them to make those changes. A key challenge at Daily Work is knowing and understanding our clients’diverse and rich cultures well enough to use words and tools that are meaningful to them. For example, last year we served people from four different continents. Here’s the breakdown: North America – 17 percent Africa – 56 percent Asia – 26 percent South …
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Blog Post: Harriet’s Future

Daily Work has impacted what I see in my future greatly. Before working with Daily Work, I felt that everyone could get a job if they really wanted to, but I was wrong. Harriet Lindwright, a University of St. Thomas (UST) social work student, interned with Daily Work last school year and then helped out as a part-time employee this summer. Harriet is getting ready to go back to school in September and shared how her internship changed her life… and her perspective. Harriet (right) and client Heather, with Nolan and Margy Before interning at Daily Work, I wanted to …
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Spread the Word about Daily Work

Daily Work Boardmember speaking at Lino Lakes Rotary Club Do you know a Rotary group, faith congregation, or business that might want to support Daily Work clients, hire them or refer them to us? Right now, Daily Work has a waiting list of more than 40 people. To meet this demand, our goal is to double service capacity by June 2013. The funding gap to achieve this goal is $40,000. To help share our mission with others, we are speaking to community groups, churches, business and hosting tours of Daily Work. We promise, our story will include information that will …
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