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May 2013


Job seeking can be one of the most frustrating and the most rewarding phases in your life. When you’re job seeking, it can be difficult to filter out which resources and suggestions are useful, and which are not. As a recent college graduate, I found the job market seeks highly selective individuals, and job seekers need to understand the different phases and processes in the search. Getting a job today is not as simple as handing your resume to an employer and waiting for a response. Here are a few tips that helped me through the process and to find …
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Ban the Box

Now there is hope for the handful of job seekers at Daily Work who struggle to get a job because of a past mistake, which resulted in their arrest.  Anyone who has ever filled out a job application has seen the question; “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?” Most of the population is able to check the “No” box, move on with the application, and eventually get called in for an interview. But the job seekers who have to check the “Yes” box know that 99 percent of the time they won’t be getting a call …
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Departing Interns Reflect on Their Time with Daily Work

  Bryssa reflects:  In the two hundred hours I spent at Daily Work since October, I have conducted over eighty, one-on-one appointments with job seekers, fine-tuned nearly twenty resumes, and connected job seekers with community resources. Most importantly, I witnessed, first hand, the impact Daily Work has as an agency in transforming lives.   Daily Work is an agency that establishes a working relationship with each job seeker to provide ongoing support during any kind of hardship they may be facing. When a job seeker walks into the Daily Work office, they are greeted with a smile and by first name. The …
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