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June 2013

“I Know What You Are Going Through!”

As an employment coach at Daily Work, I have had to do a lot of research on how job-seekers can most effectively seek out employment. The classic job-search primer, What Color Is Your Parachute?, reports the most important method for finding a job is conducting research on yourself, specifically on your work-likes, and dislikes, skills and abilities. Here is the story of my experience with this process. I had to search to find myself. I remember a few years ago, I received advice from an employment counselor to go out and purchase a “helpful” book for someone in my position; …
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Failing Meaningfully

Your mistake does not define who you are…you are your possibilities. – Oprah Winfrey We often let our fears hold us back from doing the things that we love or shying away from things that challenge us or make us nervous. As a result, we don’t open doors or take advantage of opportunities that would be both personally and professionally satisfying. So many of us let our past mishaps in work or personal failures stop us from seeking and seizing new resources and exciting jobs. Without a doubt, the journey to finding a job, part-time or full-time, is not a …
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