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January 2015

Age Discrimination … Wrong and Dumb

Age Discrimination … Wrong and Dumb Both of my parents are in their early 50’s and currently struggling to find jobs that pay as much as their pre-recession jobs. We moved to Minnesota 11 years ago because my parents heard that there were manufacturing jobs here that paid more than $13 per hour and included benefits… unheard of in Southern California, where we had been living. In 2004, for our family of family of five, this was living wage work. As a social work intern at Daily Work, I have noticed that many of our clients are older and also …
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Three Ways to Beat the New Job Jitters

Three Ways to Beat the New Job Jitters As a Social Work major I am required to participate in a fieldwork internship for both junior and senior year. I can honestly say that I have loved every single one of my classes at St. Thomas, but one can only do so much learning in a classroom. While I was excited to put my “book knowledge” into practice, I was also nervous about transitioning my learning from the classroom into the real world. My biggest fear was that I’d fail. What if I didn’t meet my agency’s expectations or I couldn’t …
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