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February 2015

Challenges to Minnesota’s New Minimum Wage

It might seem like the Minnesota minimum wage battle is over because a new bill passed last year that will incrementally raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 per hour by August 1, 2016. However, with the change of leadership in the Minnesota House of Representatives, this long awaited change might be in jeopardy in 2015. Many people might think that once a bill is passed, it’s forever. But the fact is that with our two-party system, when the governing party changes hands, laws can get changed or even repealed. As a member of the JOBS NOW Coalition, Daily Work supports a …
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The Long Road to Living Wage Employment

The Long Road to Living Wage Employment It’s on-call and doesn’t have benefits…YET! Several jobs and two years later, Mesfin achieved his goal of obtaining employment at a local hospital, giving him a foot in the door a for benefit-eligible, living-wage position in the future…the next step in his plan to have the time and money to go back to school and earn a college degree in the U.S. Daily Work helps job seekers like Mesfin find work to meet their short-term financial needs and progress towards their long-term career goals. We are impressed by your dedication to your goals …
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