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March 2015

One Sure-Fire Way to Handle Conflict More Effectively

How effectively do you deal with conflict? Anyone looking for a job knows that question is at the top of every interviewer’s list. Dread it, fear it, cry or get angry, we all face conflict and navigating it effectively can improve our relationships, both at home and at work. Conflicts that are not resolved in a productive manner can get in the way of addressing important issues. Through research and experience, I find using I-messages is one of the most effective ways to communicate my feelings to others and resolve conflicts. I-messages are focused on the feelings of the person …
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My New Beginning

As an immigrant from Nigeria, I know exactly what many of Daily Work’s job seekers are going through. As someone who has been in their position, I am grateful to all the people that helped me find success in America. My goal is to use what I am learning here to make things better for the people in Nigeria. Places like Daily Work are making it possible for me and other immigrants to make a better world, both here and in our home countries. People like you, who support Daily Work, are making this possible. Here is how my new …
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The Means to an End

The Means to an End  The Greek Philosopher Aristotle once said: “The means to an end [can be achieved in three ways] first, have a definite, clear practical idea; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary wisdom, money, materials & methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.” Greg, one of Daily Work’s job seekers, provides a clear example of how to create the changes necessary for achieving the means to an end…which for him, is a fresh start and a new career. Greg is a single, 57-year old African American man; he currently lives in government provided …
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Daily Work is a Judgment Free Zone

Daily Work is a Judgment Free Zone A key learning objective for students of social work is identifying and managing personal and professional values, especially when they conflict. For example, at Daily Work one of the most difficult barriers a job seeker can face is a felony record. Often, these felonies are alcohol or drug-related, but sometimes the felonies are more serious, such as assault or sexual assault. Depending on the nature of the crime, this might come into direct conflict with our personal values. We might question whether or not we can or want to help someone who has …
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