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July 2015

The #1 Mistake Job Seekers are Making Today

The #1 Mistake Job Seekers are Making Today Outfit for the interview? Check. Beefed up resume? Check. Character and job references? Yikes! Going through the job search process can be daunting; from phone interviews and personal interviews, to pre-employment assessments and group interviews, it takes a lot get to that fantastic day when a job offer finally comes through. If you’re a job seeker, you don’t want to go through all that, only to lose the offer due to poor references. The reality is that having someone to step up and tell your possible new employer what a great contributor …
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Ellen is on her way!

Ellen is on her way! Perhaps one of the greatest casualties of the 2008 recession is the decrease in the number of full-time jobs with benefits. Today, the ratio of part-time employees is substantially higher than pre-recession levels (16.9 percent pre-2008) and has only modestly improved since its peak of 20.1 percent in 2010 (Mislinksi, 7/8/2015). Many of Daily Work’s clients have to work two part-time jobs because they cannot find full-time work. Ellen, who has worked part-time at Cub for more than a year, is just one example. Previously, Ellen owned a successful day care business and felt confident …
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Do You Think That Immigrants Are Some of the Hardest Workers in America?

Do you think that immigrants are some of the hardest workers in America? When I first came to this country in 2007, I spoke only a few words in English and I was willing to take any kind of job to make a living. I remember my first job in America was making rice crispy bars in a bakery factory that paid me $ 7.00 an hour. The work environment was very hot and the floor was wet with sticky sugar. I had to stand seven hours a day and I received a check of $470 bi-weekly, but I was …
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June/July Newsletter

Let’s Start a New Message for People in Poverty A message from Julie Hoff, Executive Director What do you imagine when you think of American culture? I see bootstraps. When I think of American culture I think about personal responsibility and equal opportunity. I was raised on the idea that I could do anything I wanted to if I got an education. But today, that American dream seems only to be available to the middle class and the wealthy. Here’s why: The wicked step sister of personal responsibility and equal opportunity is blame and shame. Specifically, because “America is the …
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