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November 2015

October/November Newsletter

“Home What Does it Mean to You?” A message from Julie Hoff, Executive Director As we enter the holiday season, it’s natural to think about family, gathering together, and “coming home.” But as we all know, the power of home is the people; the family, friends, and colleagues in our lives who support us in good times and tough times. Can you imagine how difficult your own life might be if you did not have a social, professional or family “home” to help you, with advice or other support, when life gets hard? This month’s newsletter features stories and reflections …
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Lean on Me

Lean on Me I never imagined myself on the brink of tears, smiling with joy and being giddy within the same hour. But that’s what happened during my first meeting with a job seeker at Daily Work. This is my first experience as a social work intern. As a new intern, it was expected that I would begin working with a job seeker with an established file. That was not the case when Kelly (name changed to protect her privacy) walked in one Tuesday afternoon. There were no other case managers available so I stepped up to do her initial …
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