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January 2016

Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? For most people, a car is necessary to be able to access a job. In Minnesota especially, driving privileges open the doors to a multitude of additional jobs, due to both access or job requirements. At Daily Work, one of the employment barriers that we see is a job seeker without a driver’s license due to unpaid fees and penalties incurred through driving offenses. For people living in poverty, even minor infractions, such as parking or fix-it tickets can lead to years of trouble such as added fees and penalties, warrants for arrest, arrests, …
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How to Say No at Work

How to Say No at Work I’m guilty of always saying yes! Terri can you stay late? Terri can you come in early? Terri can you pick up an extra shift next week? Yes, yes, yes! Sometimes I say yes, when I should have said “no.” The hard part is figuring out when and how to say no. Since interning at Daily Work, I’ve noticed that many job seekers at Daily Work agree to hours that won’t work with their schedule or they accept a lower wage in order to obtain employment. Not long after, they end up quitting because …
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Meeting In The Middle

Meeting In The Middle Now that I have been at Daily Work for a few months, I am beginning to really understand and utilize our mission to help people achieve sustainable work. At the same time, I am applying aspects of social work and communication techniques that I am learning in my classes at school and tying that into my practice here. While I often have the same goal as the job seeker I am working with…such as helping them get a living wage job and achieve a sustainable lifestyle; in the end, it is their choice about how they …
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