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December 2016

Daily Work does more than help people find jobs.

Daily Work does more than help people find jobs. By Julie Hoff, Executive Director Our mission is to help people prepare for, find and keep work that gives them the stability needed to support themselves and their families, free from financial crisis and the pain of poverty. But financial crisis and poverty…and the fallout as a result of them, are the very things that interfere with our job seeker’s ability to find and keep a job. That’s why we help job seekers find and apply for work, but we also provide referrals and advocacy to help them address other areas of …
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Tips for Staying Warm and Safe this Weekend/Winter

I received this article about fall prevention from St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church.  It has some good reminders and suggestions that you may find helpful, given the forecast for some extreme weather (even for MN) conditions this weekend!  Julie Hoff, Daily Work executive director 9 Ways to Protect Yourself From Falls This Winter Don’t let a fear of slipping outside keep you indoors By Sheryl Kraft Health Writer Credit: Thinkstock(This article previously appeared on Grandparents.com.)   Snowstorms, freezing rains and ice are all a reality this time of year in many parts of the country. And unless you’re planning on …
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A Little Agency with a Big Heart

As a Case Management Intern at Daily Work, I have witnessed the impact of the passion and the commitment of Daily Work’s staff and donors in helping to make a change in each job seeker’s life. Daily Work assists a diverse working population, where the majority are Ethiopian immigrants. I know what it’s like to grow up in a Hmong immigrant family, where I saw the struggles and difficulty my parents went through just to navigate in the new world. My grandparents are the most courageous people I know for taking the risk to raise their family in a world …
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Truer Words Cannot Be Said

“Truer Words Cannot Be Said” “It’s not that the load takes you down, it’s the way you carry it” (Lou Holtz). Truer words cannot be said about the job seekers at Daily Work and the ways they cope with and manage stress. Physiologist Walter Cannon came up with the idea that there are three types of stress responses in animals, including humans: fight, flight, or freeze. Further research has shown that no matter what the stressors, humans experience one of Cannon’s three responses, also known as the “generalized stress response.” These responses are coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. As …
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We Journey Together

We Journey Together By Theresa O’Connor, Former Daily Work Office Manager We are all on a journey in life. For myself, I have had the incredible opportunity to journey as the Program Manager at Daily Work for the past two and a half years. It has been an honor to serve the diverse population of job seekers and social work interns at Daily Work. I have had the opportunity to grow and learn as a professional and enrich my knowledge and appreciation for the richness culture brings to relationships, work places, and in my life. In words made famous by …
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Common Words Get New Meaning at Daily Work

What do the words complicated and determination mean to you? In just three months, the job seekers at Daily Work have given me new a new understanding of these two common words. [kom-pli-key-tid] — Difficult to analyze, understand, explain, etc. When I think of complicated I think of trying to get my kids out the door in order to get them to the bus stop on time. When I think of complicated from the prospective of a Daily Work job seeker, an entirely different image comes to mind. Complicated for a Daily Work Job seeker is struggling to find a job and pay the bills, but …
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