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January 2017

Better Skills Require Better Wages

Better Skills Require Better Wages With national and state unemployment rates at all-time lows, you may wonder why Daily Work always has a waiting list of new job seekers. Especially since news stories about businesses that need qualified workers make regular appearances on the nightly news and in newspapers. One challenge that we continue to encounter is the disconnect between what skills employers want in new employees and what they are willing to pay them.  For example, the Star Tribune recently ran a story about a new training program, “Rise Up,”  between the National Retail Federation trade group and 30+ …
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December 2016 Newsletter

December 2016 Daily Work does more than help people find jobs. Our mission is to help people prepare for, find and keep work that gives them the stability needed to support themselves and their families, free from financial crisis and the pain of poverty. But financial crisis and poverty…and the fallout as a result of them, are often the very things that interfere with our job seeker’s ability to find and keep a job. That’s why we help job seekers find and apply for work, but we also provide referrals and advocacy to help them address other areas of need including: …
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2017 Resolutions

Thank you for being a partner to Daily Work in 2016.  Whether you are a donor, volunteer, Facebook friend, staff person or intern, or you once were, you have been there for us in the finest sense. With that gratitude in mind, here are Daily Work’s 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. We will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity. We will put people first. Daily Work Board chair Dave Krahn once said: “I am passionate about Daily Work because at the core of what we do is a commitment to: Truly be in the company of people, …
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