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July 2017

Interns Double The Impact At Daily Work

Interns Double the Impact at Daily Work By Becky Montgomery, LICSW, Volunteer Social Work Advisor at Daily Work Do you know that Daily Work has relationships with five different schools of Social Work? This fall, Daily Work will host interns from the Schools of Social Work at Metro State (BSW), St. Catherine University-University of St. Thomas School of Social Work (BSW and MSW), University of Minnesota (MSW) and University of Wisconsin-River Falls (BSW).  Previously, we also have hosted interns from Augsburg College (BSW), College of St. Scholastica, and this summer, we had our first Saint Olaf College Social Entrepreneurship Scholars intern. Interns …
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Why it’s Important to Fight the Stigma Attached to Poverty: Part I

Why it’s Important to Fight the Stigma Attached to Poverty: Part I It seems like Americans are more polarized than ever before. It is very easy to dismiss and distance ourselves from people whose beliefs, education, background, or values are different from ours. This seems particularly true in the political rhetoric these days, especially when it comes to government services and public assistance. Essentially, we have created and reinforced an “us” vs. “them” mentality that is harmful to American society and impairs our ability to work together and make positive changes that can benefit us all. This polarization and dichotomy …
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July Newsletter

Dear Daily Work Friends, When you give to Daily Work, you’re turning at-risk job seekers into valued employees who earn a living wage and have personal and professional growth opportunities.  Last week, three dedicated job seekers who have been coming to Daily Work for 3+ years called to say hello and thank YOU. Radia will be starting a Master of Science degree in Nursing this fall and Bedriya (pictured) will complete her RN degree next spring; both of them also work living-wage, full-time jobs at major, urban hospitals. Anali just got a move-up position in the financial services industry. In …
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Just a Bit of Encouragement Can Go a Long Way

Just a Bit of Encouragement Can Go a Long Way   What is more important, providing emotional support to our job seekers or helping them accomplish tangible tasks? This is a trick question because they are both equally important! These two aspects of what we do are interconnected. They influence each other, and they are both necessary. On one hand, we need to work with our job seekers to do practical things such as apply for jobs, connect them to resources, and work on interviewing skills. On the other hand, if they do not have the emotional capacity to work …
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