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January 2018

Our Global Village

By Julie Hoff, Executive Director at Daily Work Recently, my mom sent me a little card with the following information. She said it was an excerpt from a homily she heard at church. Even with the Internet, I could not track down exactly where the information came from or how long ago it was written, although I did find some reference to it on the website for St. Louis University. While I cannot attest to its’ complete accuracy, I found the perspective shift valuable and hope that you will find value in it, too. The Global Village Microcosm If you …
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Can You Pass the Test?

Can You Pass the Test? By Lian Conrad, Case Management Intern Imagine that as a job seeker, you have just spent the last fifteen minutes working on a job application for an entry level position that you feel would be a good fit with your skills and schedule. After working hard to accurately type in the ingredients of your work history for the job application formula, you think that you are done with the application. However, it gets more complicated. Right as you breathe a sigh of relief and click the “Next” arrow, thinking that you will be submitting the …
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Daily Work – Defined by Gratitude

Daily Work – Defined by Gratitude By Rachel O’Keefe, case management intern The holidays are a time when many people account for their blessings and celebrate them. It’s always during this period that I’m struck by how fleeting gratitude can be and that when time isn’t set aside to take stock of blessings, they often go unrecognized. Gratitude is defined as, “the quality of being thankful” or “readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” I’ve been a Case Manager Intern at Daily Work for about four months now and in that short span of time, I’ve witnessed more …
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Volunteer Spotlight: Dave Krahn

Volunteer Spotlight: Dave Krahn By: July Zheng, Case Management Intern Dave Krahn is Daily Work’s most committed ambassador. His name practically personifies Daily Work. Dave has been volunteering with Daily Work since 2005 in every capacity possible, as a board member, board chairman, volunteer executive director, donor, and now as a case manager working personally with job seekers. When I first saw Dave, I sensed he is very kind, friendly and warm-hearted. I immediately started to relax as we talked because he is so nice and easy to talk to. Dave told me that he learned about Daily Work as …
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