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February 2018

The Art of Communicating When You Can’t Communicate

The Art of Communicating When You Can’t Communicate By Trisha Nelson, Daily Work Case Management Intern  In the world of Daily Work, communication is the most important tool. Jobs are such an important part of life for people in the United States. Your job is often the place where you spend the majority of your time. Deciding where to apply and eventually work at is a big decision. So what does the Daily Work staff do when communication becomes a barrier? Here are three options and the challenges associated with them. Some communication tools that I use frequently include paying …
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Driving Towards the Finish Line

Driving Towards the Finish Line By Sarah Sharp, Case Management Intern for Daily Work Mohamed was working two part-time jobs, pushing carts at a major retailer and working in a small grocery store, when his sister referred him to Daily Work. Mohamed knew that cleaning bathrooms, pushing carts, and stocking shelves didn’t fit his vision of his preferred job. He aspired to be a driver, work that he previously did in Ethiopia when he used to chauffer “bosses”. As a newcomer to America, he didn’t have a resume and completing job applications was really difficult for him. When he did …
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Kingdom of the Lotus presents 800-year-old music and dance concert to benefit Daily Work

Kingdom of the Lotus presents 800-year-old music and dance concert to benefit Daily Work Kingdom of the Lotus traditional Cambodian ensemble will present a benefit concert Saturday, March 17 at 3 p.m. that will support and celebrate the mission of Daily Work, a small, nonprofit organization that moves people out of poverty by helping them find living wage jobs. The concert will take place at the historic Christ Lutheran Church on Capitol Hill, 105 University Avenue in St. Paul. The concert begins at 3:00 p.m. (doors open for seating at 2:30 p.m.). Light refreshments will be served immediately following the …
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News from Social Media: Fact or Fiction?

News from Social Media: Fact or Fiction? by Julie Hoff You’ve probably heard people say “you shouldn’t get your news from social media,” but the truth is… I do. And I am ok with it…and all the other online news sources, too. Yes, it’s important to call out or disregard the “fake news” or the “non-news news,” but at the end of the day, I get a lot of good news, hard news, and inspirational news from Facebook and other social media platforms.  I get excited by this news. I am excited to share news that can change perspectives or help …
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How Change Happens

How Change Happens By Janet Westlund, MSW, LICSW, Social Work Supervisor Think back to a time you made a change in life.  Maybe it was related to a financial investment like purchasing a new home; a personal investment like a relationship; a physical investment such as adding exercise to your daily routine or quitting a habit that no longer benefits you; or maybe it was a geographical investment like a move to a new city.  Do you remember the experience?  How did you get to the end result?  Do you remember any feelings of stress or perhaps even ambivalence? The …
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