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May 2018

Exercise Your Advocacy Muscle

Exercise Your Advocacy Muscle by Lian Conrad, Case Management Intern                           Editor’s Note: The legislative session in Minnesota may be over, but it’s still a good time to advocate for causes and legislative changes that are important to you. Start building a relationship with your representatives now so when important legislation is pending, you will know what to say and your voice will be heard! When you think of “advocacy,” what comes to mind? Maybe you think of lively public demonstrations, protests, marches, or speeches of workers promoting a …
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Developing Resilience

Developing Resilience We live in turbulent times. Climate change and resulting natural disasters, war and violence, and economic duress are examples of trauma that leave lasting and sometimes, insurmountable consequences. Ordinary Magic, a book by noted child development expert Dr. Ann S. Masten, University of Minnesota, focuses on ways children exposed to trauma in early life, including an acute lack of economic mobility, can and have become successful adults. Masten spoke at Interfaith Action’s Learning Community event on March 13. Learning Community events are a key component of Interfaith Action’s new program Opportunity St. Paul. Opportunity Saint Paul harnesses the …
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An Experience Worth More Than Money

An Experience Worth More Than Money By July Zheng, Case Management Intern It is eight months since I began working as a case manager intern at Daily Work. As an international student from China, I am surprised that I am able to support struggling job seekers in U.S. There is no doubt that helping them is a precious experience in my journey. The majority of job seekers at Daily Work are immigrants and refugees. I have a similar experience with them living in a foreign country and I can understand what it is like for them. Both I and the …
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Africa-Shaped Earrings

Africa-Shaped Earrings By Sarah Sharp, Case Management Intern Have you ever had chameleon-like clothing that changes meaning depending on who you’re with? Clothing you are perfectly comfortable with in one context, but would think twice about wearing it in another? This is what I faced recently when I sat on the floor of my room in front of my jewelry box. “Should I wear these?” I asked myself aloud as I looked at three sets of wooden earrings I had purchased at Rondo Days last summer. I had purchased them as a reminder of how far I have come in …
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