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June 2018

Four Ways to be more Successful at Work

Four Ways to be more Successful at Work By Baberich Abendan, nonprofit management intern Congratulations! You landed the job! You’re adjusting to your new work environment, but you’re uncertain if this new job is for you. Take a step back and reflect; what have you enjoyed so far and how can you make your experience better?  You are not alone. Obstacles and doubts follow everyone at work. A possibility is that you are feeling overwhelmed or you do not know how to tackle a certain task. I have been in similar situations and found ways to overcome these hurdles. Here …
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Helping Job Seekers Thrive

Helping Job Seekers Thrive By Rachel O’Keefe, Former Case Management Intern Driven by a love for working with others and a passion for serving, Rahel was ready to take her skills in housekeeping and food service to the next level. Tired of working two jobs to pay the bills, Rahel’s goal was to find a new job with better pay. The best place for that: hospitals. Rahel immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia a little over 10 years ago. After taking a course in hotel housekeeping at the International Institute of Minnesota, she secured jobs as a food service …
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A Different Kind of Prison

A Different Kind of Prison By Rachel O’Keefe, former Case Management Intern Most people will agree that finding a job is full of uncertainty, nerves, and fear. Ultimately, looking for a job can reveal insecurities and inadequacies that we’d rather not dwell on. There is the process of creating and updating a resume, followed by searching for jobs online, attending job fairs, making phone calls, etc. Then comes the application part, which can be tedious and very time consuming. After all of that effort, the waiting comes. Each employer follows up with applicants differently and the wait varies in length …
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