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July 2018

Sharing Daily Work

Sharing Daily Work By: Baberich Abendan, Case Management Intern Daily Work was initially formed as a ministry of several Lutheran Churches to connect unemployed congregation members with other church members who could provide mentoring and networking assistance. Today, Daily Work’s financial support still comes mostly from individual donors who learned about Daily Work through their community of faith or friends or family of people connected to Daily Work through their faith community. Whether our donors support us so generously thanks to the impact of faith-based beliefs or for other reasons, Daily Work is thankful and fortunate to be the recipient …
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Six Upcoming Twin Cities Job Fair Events

Six Upcoming Twin Cities Job Fair Events By: April Pierce, Communications & Web Services Intern   Now that summer is in full swing it’s a great time start planning ahead for fall employment. Below I’ve listed several upcoming hiring events in the Twin Cities that can be visited if you’re in the market for a career change.      1) MSP Airport Job Fair Description: The MSP airport currently has hundreds of jobs that they’re looking to fill. They are offering part time, full time, and seasonal positions. Many of these jobs are available at ALL skill levels, so anyone …
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How Caregiving and Immigrant Mothers are Devalued

How Caregiving and Immigrant Mothers are Devalued By Teiana Nakano, Case Management Intern In a country built on the backs of immigrants, “immigrant” has become a negative word. Enforced by phrases like “the immigrant problem,” immigrants are often seen as a liability rather than an advantage. From the travel ban of seven predominantly Muslim countries that came into effect January of 2017, to the recent decision on June 11, 2018 that people cannot seek asylum in the United States if the reason includes fear of domestic abuse or gang violence, restrictions on immigration are steadily increasing. Unsurprisingly, coming into the …
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