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October 2018

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Big Change in the Works for St. Paul Job Seekers: $15 Minimum Wage

Big Change in the Works for St. Paul Job Seekers: $15 Minimum Wage By: Megan Toner, Case Management Intern St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter is paving the way for a big change in the way St. Paul’s minimum wage workers live. Minimum wage has been a hot topic for years. Many people now realize that people working for minimum wage do not make enough money to support themselves or their families.  An article on CNBC by Ester Bloom states, “The percentage of American full-time, minimum-wage workers who can afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment in any U.S. state without being what …
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Warning! Cute Kid Photo!

The Daily Work office was full of energy yesterday, thanks to these three. Children often have to accompany their parents to Daily Work. You can help them pass the time when they’re here by donating healthier, individually-wrapped snacks, crayons (8-packs), and small coloring books. We also appreciate other snacks (with a good shelf life) or toiletries that we can give to job seekers who are hungry or homeless. 

Let’s Warm Things Up!

Let’s Warm Things Up! By Leah Sonsalla, Case Management Intern Although the calendar may claim it’s fall, the weather near Daily Work feels more like winter. The temperature has dropped and so have a few snowflakes. Even though the weather is colder, it’s still nice to walk outside, bundled up with a warm coat, to see all the beautiful fall leaves adorning the trees. Sadly, our job seekers don’t always have the luxury of a nice, warm coat. When people are struggling to maintain employment, everything in their life is impacted. What it would be like for you if you …
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From Homeless to AV Tech; Jeff’s Journey

From Homeless to AV Tech; Jeff’s Journey By: Jensen Bloedorn, Case Management Intern There’s so much more to Daily Work than I expected. With just my short time being here, I am helping job seekers to study for exams, better manage their financials, or find the right wardrobe for their new job…and this is just the beginning. It is so rewarding and humbling to be a part of someone else’s journey to discover their inner strength. When Jeff first came to Daily Work he was nearly out of money. He had $100 in his savings account and he was unemployed. …
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Daily Work in the News!

  Daily Work in the News! The May Steps to Success luncheon was a success story thanks to the hard work and dedication of the students of Inver Hills Community College. Under the supervision of Julie Hoff and their professor Amy Zsohar, the students of the small group communications class developed real-world work skills and gained valuable knowledge and experience in the planning of a nonprofit fundraising event.  Read more about their experience in this Inver Hills News Story: https://news.inverhills.edu/blog/community-based-learning-with-daily-work/