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February 2019

Building A Connection

Building A Connection “How was your weekend?” Salim asked me one recent Monday morning. That simple question was meaningful to me. Here’s why: Salim’s interest in my life demonstrates to me that we’re building a rapport. Our interactions are not just one-sided, but a two-way street where we both feel invested in the relationship and the goals we set together. Rapport also demonstrates mutual understanding and a higher comfort level in sharing concerns or questions.  The online dictionary defines rapport as “a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and …
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You Are Your Resume

You Are Your Resume As both a volunteer and job seeker at Daily Work I have been on both sides of the coin; seeing others who need work and dealing with my own struggles to return to work myself. When I am ready to return to work, the first major step in my process will be to update my resume. I have been out of work for quite some time dealing with significant health issues. When I return to work, I will have to explain the gap in my work history carefully…being sure to be both honest and still not …
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Daily Work Job Position: Director of Development

Looking for a new challenge? Daily Work is hiring!  Live your passion for social justice as Director of Development at Daily Work. Daily Work supports early-stage job seekers in developing the skills and experience needed to break away from part-time, sporadic, low-paid employment and transition to financially-stable career pathways. We are located in St. Paul, behind the State Capitol building. Through employment services and mentoring, we work together with job seekers to increase their incomes through work, which reduces economic disparities and creates positive, across-the-board impact on the health and wellness of our entire community. Daily Work is seeking a Development …
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Education: The Cure and the Problem

Education: The Cure and the Problem When working with job seekers at Daily Work, our focus tends to be the immediate job search process. However, lately, many of the job seekers I work with have decided to pursue education of one form or another. Whether they are taking a class to get their GED or entering a graduate-level degree program, these job seekers have to carefully balance their families, work, and other obligations, not to mention their finances, for a chance at better opportunities later. This takes massive amounts of dedication and work for which these job seekers should be …
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