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October 2019

So… What really is Halloween?

So… What really is Halloween? For some Americans Halloween is a chance to dress up as their favorite super hero or possibly a scary monster and for kids, get lots of yummy candy. There are movies, décor, and apparel all dedicated to this time of the year. But where did this tradition of dressing up as someone else and buying expensive costumes originate? These things may make it seem like an American tradition to go door-to-door asking strangers for treats and candy, but where did it all start? Definitely. According to History.com (https://www.history.com/topics/holidays/samhain) Halloween is a tradition hailing from Celtic …
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Want to Get Motivated?

Want to Get Motivated? Sometimes it can be tough getting motivated. We’ve all been there; up against the wall of ‘which way to turn next’. Maybe you’ve lost steam on your job hunt– applying for what seems like hundreds of jobs, but not getting any bites. Perhaps you’re not sure which path to head down, what next steps to take. Maybe you’re just not feeling very engaged or interested in making a change because you don’t have the energy or time. We know the feeling!! Getting motivated can feel like an uphill battle, but with some nifty techniques, this process …
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