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5 Reasons Why Daily Work Is Changing My Life

By: Hali Ali, Case Management Intern

Daily Work is changing my life in many ways. During my internship, I am able to practice in the social work field and learn where my strengths and weaknesses lie as student.  I am able to build on my knowledge because of the weekly training's and support that I receive at Daily Work. Daily Work motivates me to become an independent social worker. I will use this knowledge to assist my clients and contribute to the community in the future.

1. Meet New People

I meet interns like me who teach me new things, skills and what it is like to be in a professional social work environment. I am able to learn to be comfortable with sharing my ideas, experiences, and concerns. We work as team, exchange knowledge, discuss accomplishments and progress. I learn that people have different ways to solve issues. We learn, listen and support each other. Working with other interns allows me to expand on my knowledge and be open to other opinions and freely accept suggestions.  

2. Set Life-Changing Goals

Preparing daily tasks helps me to focus on each job seeker’s needs and effectively provide resources. I find that the more goals I set, the more confident I am to complete my work. Setting goals is important in the social work field because it helps to know where you’re at and where you’re going, so you can evaluate how effectively you are assisting job seekers. Part of setting goals is thinking about and implementing the steps needed to reach your goal.

3. Gain Knowledge & Skills

I am gaining computer skills and putting into practice social work theories and competencies to improve my social work knowledge. I learn how to document meetings using case notes, assess job seeker needs, make referrals, use intervention skills, provide resources, assist with resumes/cover letters, provide interview tips, speak with job seekers one-on-one, be an active listener, and use Excel, Word and Google Drive to record and track information.

During my internship at Daily Work, I partner with people so they can find jobs. Daily Work boosts job seeker’s confidence to continue their job search journey. Daily Work is a link between employers and job seekers. Weekly training from Daily Work supervisors strengthens and expands my social work knowledge. Daily Work encourages me to be a good advocate, assists me with moving from a learning student to an engaging and professional social worker and an active community member.

4. Work with Diverse People

At Daily Work, I have the opportunity to work with different people with different backgrounds. Working with diverse people helps me become a more social, open and engaging social worker. Having these characteristics is especially important in the social work environment as you have to be familiar with other cultures and respect their beliefs. At Daily Work, I assist immigrants with job applications and other job-related activities. I am able to connect with them. This connection allows for more communication and engagement. Interning at Daily Work and helping diverse people helps me to be a better and more understanding social worker.

 5. Contribute to Society

The job seekers at Daily Work are becoming more fully engaged members of our community. Job seekers also are encouraged to help others in their community, which creates empowerment, self-confidence, and independence.  Because of Daily Work’s commitment to job seekers, they are developing into leadership roles in the workforce.

Daily Work’s contribution to our society encourages me to run a nonprofit organization. Former Daily Work clients are becoming successful economically. The training's that I am receiving from Daily Work will help me contribute more to the society in the future.

Choosing to intern at Daily Work was a good choice for me and is growing my knowledge in my social work career and my life. How is Daily Work inspiring or impacting you?

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