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About Daily Work

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Our vision is to help create a community where all people can support and sustain themselves through work, and, as a result, take active roles in the lives of their families and neighborhoods, benefiting all.

We provide all services at no cost to job seekers thanks to a crew of committed volunteers and college interns who serve as case managers. Our case managers help job seekers access community resources, develop job search tools such as resumes and cover letters, and help them learn work readiness skills.

Our goal is to help each job seeker make tangible progress towards gaining employment and self-sufficiency. Due to their inability to find work, many of our clients come to us in financial crisis and emotional distress. Often, they are struggling with depression, low self-esteem, and/or significant household issues related to financial stress and/or an unsuccessful job search.

By meeting each person at their level, truly listening to their story and by working together to identify a path for advancement, we help them discover renewed hope and motivation, both internally and in the world and people around them.

Our Mission

Daily Work’s mission is to guide and to mentor job seekers who desire to be self-supporting by helping them prepare for, find and maintain work that enables them to sustain themselves and their families.

Our Values

Dignity: We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value of all people. We pledge to create and to maintain an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.

Person-centered: We respect each person’s individuality. We are committed to providing personalized, comprehensive, and caring assistance to job seekers. We also wish to foster each person’s unique strengths, interests, and dreams to help them achieve their goals.

Community: We believe in our collective strength. We bring people, businesses and community organizations together to act in partnership to provide resources, education, and mentorship to job seekers, build productive relationships, and transform lives and communities.

Trust: We are committed to mutual trust and accountability in all our relationships. We trust job seekers to be our partners and to be active participants in accomplishing their goals; and we can be trusted to act with care, understanding, honesty, and accountablity in our stewardship of all resources and information entrusted to us.

Ministry of Service: Daily Work was founded on the belief that we are called to serve others and share our gifts in meaningful ways. We welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs to join us in our common goal of building communities where all people can support and sustain themselves through work.


How Daily Work is Different

At Daily Work, job seekers are not clients, but partners. This means job seekers must be active in their self-development and accountable to the process in which they are engaged in order to be successful. We believe that helping people become self-sufficient, both financially and personally, results in a better quality of life for everyone.

"I observed that many people come to Daily Work hopeless and desperate, but they regain hope when they see the people here are genuinely interested in helping them succeed."
~Harriet Lindwright, Daily Work Intern

Daily Work seeks to fill the gaps in and help job seekers navigate the complex array of nonprofit and government social service providers.

  • Serves people who are falling through the cracks at other social service agencies
  • Provides individually customized and long-term career services support in a caring, supportive environment
  • Facilitates use of resources already available in the community to complement what we provide
  • Builds relationships with service providers and potential employers
  • Is highly cost effective because the majority of our service is delivered by volunteers and college students studying social work
  • Provides valuable internship opportunities to college students and Twin Cities Rise! interns