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Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Job Opening: Posted 12/19/2019

Volunteer and Operations Manager

CLASSIFICATION: Full-time/Exempt

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

Organization Summary

Daily Work supports early-stage job seekers in developing the skills and experience needed to break away from part-time, sporadic, low-paid employment and transition to financially-stable career pathways. We are located in St. Paul, behind the State Capitol building.

We are seeking a nonprofit professional who can navigate effortlessly between motivating people and managing administrative details. The Volunteer and Operations Manager will be responsible for organizing, cheering, and developing our small team of interns and volunteers while developing effective systems that optimize the unique skills of our transient workforce.

The complete position description can be viewed here: Volunteer and Operations Manager

Are you looking for an excellent opportunity to put your college learning to work?
Become an Intern or Volunteer!!

Internship Opportunities

2013 Social Work Interns (L to R): Sarah, Maria, Bryssa, AshleyDaily Work is currently accepting applications for unpaid internships for students, currently enrolled at accredited universities and also volunteering opportunities for recent graduates who wish to gain experience as volunteers.

Daily Work offers excellent bachelor and master level internships for students who are currently enrolled or are recent graduates of accredited universities! 

Our case managers have many roles; advocate, witness, facilitator, mentor, and coach while empowering those they serve on their journey to self-sufficiency and a livable wage for them and their families.

Bryssa and Fassil hard at workAs case managers you work with a diverse team of interns serving a culturally diverse caseload of job seekers to overcome barriers by advocating for resources, making referrals, and coaching them through their job search process.  

This rewarding opportunity provides you the skills you will need as you journey through your own professional licensing and career development! 

Specific for social work students seeking internships, we have both LICSW and LSW supervisors and offer weekly group supervision as well as one-on-one supervision.  Daily Work provides the opportunity for mezzo and macro learning through partners and group field events.  Come be a part of our Daily Work team!    

Volunteer Opportunities

To be considered for an internship, or a volunteer position, please submit a cover letter and resume to Julie Hoff, Executive Director.