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Internship & Volunteer Opportunities

Gain practical experience and build your resume as an intern or volunteer at Daily Work!

Internship Opportunities

2013 Social Work Interns (L to R): Sarah, Maria, Bryssa, AshleyCase Management Interns: Daily Work provides an intentional, high quality, hands-on experience for students preparing for careers in social work or other direct service professions such as counseling and psychology. Case management interns carry their own caseload of 6-10 clients at a time, often meeting with more than 50 unique job seekers over the course of their internship. To learn more about specific learning opportunities and the activities of case managers, read the Case Management Internship Description 2021

Student interns are essential to our-day-to-day operations and contribute as full team members, participating in group work and taking on leadership roles to improve organizational processes and the experience for job seekers, interns, and staff alike. Since 2012, Daily Work has hosted more than 75 student interns from more than 10 local colleges and universities. 

Curriculum for case managers, who are all interns or volunteers, is aimed at building community and cross-cultural understanding. It includes training about implicit bias, the bias of professionalism standards, and participating in the Overcoming Racism conference. Outside of Daily Work, this training supports interns and volunteers in creating more inclusive communities for all.

Daily Work is committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for students that truly integrates classroom theory and field practice. The foundation of this experience is weekly group "supervision" meetings where together with a licensed social worker, students consult about client cases and work together to identify community resources and effective practice approaches for each client. Social Work students also participate in weekly or bi-weekly individual supervision.

Specific to social work student internships, we have a licensed clinical social worker (LICSW) on staff who provides weekly group supervision and individual supervision as required by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).  Daily Work provides the opportunity for mezzo and macro learning through partners and group field events.  

See what our students have to say about being a case management intern at Daily Work!

Web Design and Social Media Volunteer or Intern

Boost your resume, build your portfolio, or just make a difference by giving back. Put your talents in communications and marketing to good use by writing stories, improving our website, and sharing it all on social media.

To be considered for an internship or volunteer position, please submit a statement of interest and a resume to Judy Sharken Simon (judy@daily-work.org), Volunteer and Operations Manager.

Volunteer Opportunities

Daily Work Board of Directors

Put your passion for social justice into action as a board member at DAILY WORK. We support early-stage job seekers in developing the skills and experience needed to break away from part-time, sporadic, low-paid employment and transition to financially-stable career pathways. Our office is located in St. Paul, behind the State Capitol building.

Through one-to-one employment services, Daily Work strives to mitigate systemic barriers that limit access and opportunity for job seekers. Our work is grounded in an awareness of the relationship between long-term poverty and un- or under-employment, and the disproportionate impact of both on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Daily Work’s services focus on employment as a means to long-term self-sufficiency. However, employment is not seen in isolation, but rather as an integral element of a holistic life experience. We honor the whole person and the critical role that employment plays in overall well-being.

The purpose of the DAILY WORK Board of Directors is to provide mission-based leadership, strategic governance, and financial oversight to the Daily Work organization. While the majority of day-to-day operations are led by Daily Work’s Executive Director, the Board-ED relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected. To learn more, read the job descriptions for board and committee members listed below.