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Making Connections

July Newsletter

Dear Daily Work Friends, When you give to Daily Work, you’re turning at-risk job seekers into valued employees who earn a living wage and have personal and professional growth opportunities.  Last week, three dedicated job seekers who have been coming to Daily Work for 3+ years called to say hello and thank YOU. Radia will be starting a Master of Science degree in Nursing this fall and Bedriya (pictured) will complete her RN degree next spring; both of them also work living-wage, full-time jobs at major, urban hospitals. Anali just got a move-up position in the financial services industry. In …
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Just a Bit of Encouragement Can Go a Long Way

Just a Bit of Encouragement Can Go a Long Way   What is more important, providing emotional support to our job seekers or helping them accomplish tangible tasks? This is a trick question because they are both equally important! These two aspects of what we do are interconnected. They influence each other, and they are both necessary. On one hand, we need to work with our job seekers to do practical things such as apply for jobs, connect them to resources, and work on interviewing skills. On the other hand, if they do not have the emotional capacity to work …
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Welcome to Brit and Gretchen

One of Daily Work’s most valuable resources are the people who work directly with job seekers. Please welcome former intern Brit Rademacher, who is returning to Daily Work as our new case management assistant and case management volunteer Gretchen Guenter. Our job seekers come through our doors everyday looking for better jobs and a livable wage to support themselves and their families. Thanks to your support…and people like Brit and Gretchen… we help more than 250 job seekers every year to pursue their employment goals.

Rahel: One Step Closer to Her Goal

Rahel: One Step Closer to Her Goal Meet Rahel, an immigrant from Ethiopia in 2003 and now a U.S. citizen. Rahel first came to Daily Work in 2009 on the advice of a friend. Since then, she has demonstrated incredible persistence to find full-time work in the health care field. Entry-level jobs, such as nutrition or housekeeping aides at hospitals in the Twin Cities are in high demand and therefore, very competitive to obtain. Daily Work job seekers tell us they want to work at hospitals because of the higher pay, good benefits, and the opportunity to work with people …
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A Case for a Better Minimum Wage

A Case for a Better Minimum Wage By Maya Lehmann, Case Management Intern Can you survive off of a minimum wage job in the United States? Perhaps. But can you live off of a minimum wage job in the United States? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Minimum wage is not a living wage, especially when it comes to housing. Let’s look at the numbers. According to the Star Tribune, if someone is working a full-time job earning the federal minimum wage, they would not be able to afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment anywhere in the United States. This statistic …
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Our New Summer Interns

Our New Summer Interns! Summer is here again, and we are proud to introduce another group of committed student interns; this time from Metropolitan State University and St. Olaf College. They are excited to be at Daily Work to help others and gain valuable experience to launch successful careers in social work. Please welcome our summer interns – Clockwise beginning at the top left: Anab Gurhan, Bola Oduloye, Maya Lehmann, and Marbel Lih.

Interesting read about immigrants in the Minnesota Workforce, but how do Daily Work’s stats compare?

Interesting read about immigrants in the Minnesota Workforce, but how do Daily Work’s stats compare? According to a June 6 article on MinnPost, where immigrants come from can impact where they work. Here’s a snapshot of the job seekers Daily Work serves and where they work. Roughly 75 percent of Daily Work’s job seekers are immigrants, most of them from Africa. The majority of our job seekers have completed high school, but mainly in their home country. Language barriers are the likely reason that many of our job seekers choose to find work in industries that do not require specialized …
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A Day At Daily Work

A Day at Daily Work by Maihlee Lee, Case Management Intern The culture of Daily Work is warm, comfortable, and welcoming. Hellen, the administrative assistant, greets every person who comes to Daily Work with a positive, calm and strong presence that makes both staff and job seekers feel welcome. Becky is the social work field supervisor; she does consultation with case manager interns about their learning, questions, and goals for professionalism. The case manager interns give direct service to the Daily Work job seekers with open minds and passions. Julie is the executive director. She checks in with the case …
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Overwhelmed with Emotion

Overwhelmed with Emotion By Brittany Feller, Case Management Intern I am sitting at Daily Work on the last day of my internship and I am overwhelmed with emotion. As I prepare to leave Daily work for the very last time, I can feel my heart sink. Since November I’ve been working with “Andy,” a job seeker who has accomplished so much during our time together. The thing that stands out to me is that even through all the ups and downs, Andy stayed positive. He ALWAYS kept an open mind and held on to the strength to push through and …
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There’s No Limit To What We Can Accomplish!

There Is No Limit To What We Can Accomplish!   THANK YOU to all who attended Daily Work’s Steps to Success Luncheon on Wednesday, April 26. Our table captains drew in a big crowd as the luncheon is a great opportunity for job seekers, employment partners, volunteers, supporters and staff to take a break from email, step out of the office and connect with each other face-to-face. For those who were unable to attend, we missed you and hope you can join us next year Kerri Miller, host of MPR News with Kerri Miller, The Thread® and Talking Volumes™ did a fantastic job connecting what we do …
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