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Making Connections

Warning! Cute Kid Photo!

The Daily Work office was full of energy yesterday, thanks to these three. Children often have to accompany their parents to Daily Work. You can help them pass the time when they’re here by donating healthier, individually-wrapped snacks, crayons (8-packs), and small coloring books. We also appreciate other snacks (with a good shelf life) or toiletries that we can give to job seekers who are hungry or homeless. 

Let’s Warm Things Up!

Let’s Warm Things Up! By Leah Sonsalla, Case Management Intern Although the calendar may claim it’s fall, the weather near Daily Work feels more like winter. The temperature has dropped and so have a few snowflakes. Even though the weather is colder, it’s still nice to walk outside, bundled up with a warm coat, to see all the beautiful fall leaves adorning the trees. Sadly, our job seekers don’t always have the luxury of a nice, warm coat. When people are struggling to maintain employment, everything in their life is impacted. What it would be like for you if you …
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From Homeless to AV Tech; Jeff’s Journey

From Homeless to AV Tech; Jeff’s Journey By: Jensen Bloedorn, Case Management Intern There’s so much more to Daily Work than I expected. With just my short time being here, I am helping job seekers to study for exams, better manage their financials, or find the right wardrobe for their new job…and this is just the beginning. It is so rewarding and humbling to be a part of someone else’s journey to discover their inner strength. When Jeff first came to Daily Work he was nearly out of money. He had $100 in his savings account and he was unemployed. …
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Daily Work in the News!

  Daily Work in the News! The May Steps to Success luncheon was a success story thanks to the hard work and dedication of the students of Inver Hills Community College. Under the supervision of Julie Hoff and their professor Amy Zsohar, the students of the small group communications class developed real-world work skills and gained valuable knowledge and experience in the planning of a nonprofit fundraising event.  Read more about their experience in this Inver Hills News Story: https://news.inverhills.edu/blog/community-based-learning-with-daily-work/    

My Eyes Are Open Now: Gretchen’s Testimonial

My Eyes Are Open Now: Gretchen’s Testimonial Here, in Gretchen’s own words, is a story about her journey with one job seeker. My name is Gretchen Guenter and I have been a volunteer at Daily Work since June 2017 and a board member since February 2018.  Both roles are enriching my life in many ways.  As a Daily Work volunteer, I am a case manager who meets one on one with job seekers who are seeking help with their employment search. I have met a diverse and amazing group of individuals that cannot be summarized in any succinct way because …
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Volunteer Spotlight – Gretchen Guenter

Volunteer Spotlight – Gretchen Guenter By: April Pierce, Communications & Web Services Intern Daily Work is a small nonprofit that is supported by the hard work and dedication of volunteers, interns and donors. Recently, I talked with Gretchen Guenter, who is both an active case management volunteer and a financial supporter of Daily Work.  How did you first get involved with volunteering at Daily Work? Gretchen: When my husband and I became members at Christ on Capitol Hill we were introduced to Daily Work by David Krahn [another Daily Work volunteer]. Daily Work’s office is in the basement of the …
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Immigrant Children and the American School System

Immigrant Children and the American School System By: Marsue McKarr, Case Management Intern A hardship for many immigrant parents with school-age children is helping them integrate into the American school system. This is because they are learning to assimilate into a new learning environment and overall culture. For example, they might struggle with understanding the language if they are from a country that does not speak English. Even children that may come from an English speaking country may also struggle with having a strong accent that makes it difficult for others to understand them. According to MN Compass website, nearly …
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Thanks to You – Two More Job Seekers Will Find Work

Thanks to You – Two More Job Seekers Will Find Work By Mari Jo Long, Daily Work Board Member As a Daily Work board member and a member of the fundraising committee, Daily Work’s financial stability is often on my mind. While I sometimes feel uncomfortable asking my friends and family to support Daily Work, seeing and hearing about the many job seekers who are gaining better jobs inspires me to do all I can to support our vision of a community where everyone can work, grow, and thrive. As a special bonus this year, I was excited to learn …
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Four Upcoming Events to Learn about the Immigrant Experience

Four Upcoming Events to Learn about the Immigrant Experience By: April Pierce, Communications & Web Services Intern Minnesota has steadily been growing its immigrant and refugee populations over the past several decades. Almost 457,000 immigrants live in Minnesota alone, the Somali population in particular being much higher than the national average. In fact, Minnesota’s has one of the highest national averages for immigrant population growth, having tripled since 1990. It’s also estimated that almost 1 in 6 children between the ages of 0-19 have at least one parent who is an immigrant. One of the greatest barriers for immigrants…and many …
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Hear the Story of Peoples’ Lives

Hear the Story of Peoples’ Lives Give me some free time and I will pick up a book. My favorites are biographies and historical fiction. When I hear the story of another person’s life and their experiences, I am better able to look at the world from a different perspective.  A recent find for me is Book of Ages: The Life and Options of Jane Franklin by Jill Lepore. The contrast between Jane and her famous brother, Benjamin Franklin, is due to the opportunities for varied life experiences and education available to a sister versus a brother in that time. This book really …
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