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Common Words Get New Meaning at Daily Work

What do the words complicated and determination mean to you? In just three months, the job seekers at Daily Work hcomplicated-imageave given me new a new understanding of these two common words.

[kom-pli-key-tid] -- Difficult to analyze, understand, explain, etc.

When I think of complicated I think of trying to get my kids out the door in order to get them to the bus stop on time. When I think of complicated from the prospective of a Daily Work job seeker, an entirely different image comes to mind. Complicated for a Daily Work Job seeker is struggling to find a job and pay the bills, but not having enough computer skills to complete the complicated online job applications (let alone finding access to a computer and internet). Complicated for the job seekers is navigating busses, trains, car pools, and taxis to get to and from Daily Work, job interviews, grocery shopping, and more. Complicated for the job seekers is changing years of customs or habits, in order to “fit in” to the preferences in the American workforce. The Daily Work job seekers striove to overcome these complications through sheer determination.

[dih-tur-muh-ney-shuh n] -- A fixed purpose or intention

The job seekers at Daily Work are the most determined individuals I have ever been lucky enough to meet. Their determination to find meaningful work that will support themselves and their families is evident in many different ways. Applying for jobs is a lot of work for anyone, but as noted above, even more so if you do not have a computer at home or you have to rely on others (public or private) for transportation. Of course, this means it takes a lot more time to do everything!

Job seekers spend the week leading up to their appointment listening and looking for job opportunities. They show continued determination even when they don’t hear back from possible employers; they keep applying, strengthening current skills, or developing new ones so that they will be desirable employees. The job seekers that come to Daily Work show me what it means to be determined because they come every week and try to incorporate all our suggestions, no matter how difficult it is for them to overcome the obstacles that complicate their job search and find a good job that provides enough hours, pay, and  benefits to improve their lives.

Every day I am grateful for the opportunity to meet with job seekers and gain a new perspective. Just as I am helping the job seekers, they are helping me. I did not understand the domino effect of job searching, where one seemingly small challenge ripples out to become a huge obstacle. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of determination and complicated from the job seekers at Daily Work and look forward to all that I will learn in the months to come.

Daily Work’s free service helps remove some of the complications of job searching. We would not be able to provide these services if not for the support of people like you, community members who support our mission with financial contributions. Thanks to your support, job seekers at Daily Work have access to computers, interview classes, job skills training, and application assistance, all of which is provided by students like me, social work interns who are learning the skills we need to be successful in the workforce, just like our job seekers, who are learning the same skills from us.

img_2453By Brit Rademacher, Case Management Intern

Definitions retrieved from:  http://www.dictionary.com/browse/complicated?s=t and http://www.dictionary.com/browse/determination

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  • Marge Haase
    December 16, 2016 - 7:13 pm Reply

    This is so interesting. You did a great job writing this Brittney!! Some of us never realize what other people need to go through to get a job. I have never had a job that would support myself, only small paying positions. Your help must give you a wonderful feeling inside!! I’m proud of you!!!

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