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What’s a business degree intern doing at an agency with mostly social work interns? 

Hi, my name is Madeline Echavarria and I am an intern at Daily Work. My major is Business Administration and Accounting. I know it’s odd, right? I have a business degree at an agency where most interns are in the field of social work. However, I am utilizing my administration skills and playing a vital role in management, organization, and operational tasks. I find it interesting to see how non-profit organizations work, but what I find even more spectacular is to observe the community Daily Work creates.

Through internships and volunteer experiences like mine, Daily Work has become a community of people who have the desire to impact others’ lives with employment assistance.  One of the tasks I have completed for Daily Work is contacting previous interns and volunteers to update their information so that we can maintain our relationship with them. I was impressed that all the previous interns and volunteers were happy to hear from Daily Work and wanted to keep in contact – even if they volunteered up to 10 years ago! Clearly their time at Daily Work was crucial and memorable.

In my conversations with previous interns and volunteers, I learned that people volunteer at Daily Work because they want to have an impact on their community. Those same volunteers and interns continue to impact their communities long after their time at Daily Work – many still take time out of their busy schedules to help their society. And, they want to continue being a part of Daily Work by donating, giving their time, supporting, and reaching out on Daily Work’s behalf.  Daily Work not only gives back to the community; it builds community far beyond its doors thanks to the passionate volunteers, interns, and staff members who share their passion, experience and action wherever they go. 

I also had the opportunity to make thank you calls to our generous donors. It was an excellent opportunity to get feedback and learn more why people support Daily Work. I was so grateful that donors were eager to share their stories about how they got connected to Daily Work and what is meaning to them. I loved hearing from supporters because they are extremely important to our day to day operations. Without YOU, Daily Work would not be here to ensure everyone in our community can get the support they need to access employment.  In the next few weeks, I will be interviewing some of our donors and volunteers, so watch our blog to hear their stories…or drop us a voicemail at (651) 204.3043 to volunteer your own story. Here’s a link to our blog: http://daily-work.org/blog/

When I joined Daily Work, I immediately felt welcomed and supported and I have grown to know what being a valued member of a community really means. If you have ever had the desire to help your community or feel a part of one, Daily Work is the place for you. Contact Judy Sharken Simon, Volunteer & Operations Manager, 651-204-3043, judy@daily-work.org and she will help find a place for you at Daily Work and/or guide you through ways that you can help.

And to all of you reading this who have been part of Daily Work’s community by interning, volunteering, or donating… Thank You! 

Madeline Echavarria,
Crown College

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  • Karsten
    August 15, 2020 - 10:45 am Reply

    Glad to have you learning from your ties to this good program. Also grateful for the many lives impacted by Daily Work as they certainly help equip and then connect special employees with fitting positions. As a pastor at a church in St Paul we are glad to have a worker from the Daily Work program with us right now.

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