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Daily Work – More Than Just Jobs

You may have heard that Daily Work helps people get jobs, but did you know that we also connect people to other resources that they might need? Bridge to Benefits is among the many other resources that are offered at Daily Work for those who are in need.

One of the job seekers that I work with has limited English and is still learning job readiness skills, but he desperately needs a job to pay his rent and bills on time to avoid eviction and electric shut-off. It is not uncommon for Daily Work job seekers to face this problem. 

Not having enough income to cover monthly expenses such as rent, energy bills, food, and normal household expenses contributes distraction and even more stress to an already complicated life, and making the job search process more difficult.

One important resource that we use to find resources for these expenses is called Bridge to Benefits. Bridge to Benefits is a multi-state project by Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota to improve the well-being of families and individuals by linking them to public support programs and tax credits. Anyone can use it to see if they might be eligible for public support programs. You can try it out here: http://mn.bridgetobenefits.org/Home2

Getting a job is not a simple process, especially if you face many challenges or have obstacles interfering with seemingly simple things…enough food, clothing, and shelter. It takes determination and patience. By using Bridge to Benefits and other resources, we help job seekers get resources for basic needs so they can focus on getting and keeping their jobs and becoming self-sufficient. Your generous support makes this possible.

By Anab Gurhan, Daily Work Case Management Intern







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