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Daily Work: Preparing Job Seekers and Students Alike

Daily Work: Preparing Job Seekers and Students Alikel_daily-work-6051-1414709312.8051[1]

Many people know that Daily Work is an organization that helps people find a job. But you might not know that Daily Work also prepares students like me for successful careers as social workers or other human service jobs.

This year is my senior year of college. I feel that the social work skills that I learned in my classes and in my previous experiences did not adequately prepare me to be an outstanding social worker. But as an intern at Daily Work, I have gained important exposure to the social work field and to working one-to-one with people.

Daily Work’s mission is to guide and to mentor job seekers who desire to be self-supporting by helping them prepare for, find and maintain work that enables them to sustain themselves and their families.”

This is exactly what Daily Work is doing for me: offering me guidance and mentoring so I can be prepared to find and maintain work that will enable me to support me and my family in my chosen career as a social worker.

Let me tell you why I say that. In my classes at Metropolitan State, I learned about motivational interviewing, which uses techniques such as asking open-ended questions, giving affirmation to the interviewee, reflecting back on what s/he has stated, and summarizing what we have done together at the conclusion of our meeting. But at Daily Work, I actually applied and used these techniques with real people.

Working with other cultures at Daily Work sensitized me to the needs of others and gave me the opportunity to practice my intercultural skills and knowledge to assist clients of any socio-economic or ethnic group respectfully. These skills help me develop trusting relationship with job seekers and are also respected by my colleagues.

At Daily Work I learned how to analyze my conversations so that I can write accurate and concise case notes that are useful to my professional colleagues if I am not available or for when my internship ends. I also write case notes that are encouraging to the job seeker, if he or she wanted to read their own case notes.

Daily Work provides me with tangible work experience, helps me strengthen my interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, and allows me to benefit from access to strong, direct supervision. I feel good about being a part of this organization and helping others. I am doing a good job to benefit our job seekers.

In conclusion, this internship has also taught me about the challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit organization, Daily Work is dependent on donations, so I have gained insight into operating on a tight and tenuous budget.

Daily Work is doing something important for our community and I hope you will consider giving a donation if you are able to do so. Your donation will not only help struggling job seekers, but also prepare student interns like me, to be more effective in their chosen careers.

Kabao HeadshotBy Kabao Her, Case Management Intern at Daily Work.

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