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How Daily Work Set the Stage for My Social Work Career

d5f194b7edee3284b35c5534124e0ca8A key part of Daily Work’s mission is the effort we undertake to host social work interns. Just like our job seekers, we help student interns be prepared to find and keep jobs and ultimately, advance in their social work careers. Ariana “Ari” was one of our star interns in the 2015-16 school year. We recently learned that she was accepted into the Master of Social Work program at Augsburg College.

Congratulations Ari - we are so proud of all you’re accomplishing and we are honored to have been a part of preparing you for a wonderful career.

Here’s what Ari had to say about her experience at Daily Work.


The purpose of an internship is to get experience in the field you are studying. Daily Work was my internship during my junior year at Augsburg College. During my time at Daily Work, I was a case manager intern. I held a case load of 8-10 individuals who were either unemployed or looking to advance in their fields. As a future social worker, I was able to practice important skills such as engaging with clients, assessing where they are starting from and what their needs are, show client’s the interventions available, and continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of those interventions.

The ability to find full-time employment with decent pay is not as easy as I had originally expected when I started my internship. It takes quite a bit of practice, hard work, and self-determination from the client before they can really achieve their goal. It takes time, which can be hard on clients who expect the process to be faster; this is when I learned about motivational interviewing.* It was through lessons during supervision meetings that I learned about motivational interviewing, and how I could use it to help my clients.

In school, we did not touch on motivational interviewing as in detail as we did during supervision at Daily Work, and it is motivational interviewing that has especially helped me with my senior year internship while working in hospice. I have been able to use it to help clients open up more about their worries during this difficult time in their lives.

Daily Work prepared me not only for my social work career, but also for how to apply and interview for social work positions. I didn’t realize just how much I had learned until I was doing [job] interviews for my senior year internship. It was during that time that I was told that I “…interviewed better than most Master’s students…” After reflecting on the interview, I came to the conclusion that now I know how to write a professional cover letter, what employers look for in resumes, how to prepare for interviews, and how to excel during those interviews!

I am truly thankful to Daily Work for preparing me for my field in social work! I recommend Daily Work as an internship opportunity because I believe that they really set the stage for the rest of my social work career!

*Motivational interviewing is a “’way of being’ with clients as well as a set of specific skills that are used to convey empathy and encourage clients to consider and plan change (Hohman, 2012, P.4).

By Ariana Stewart, Augsburg College, Former Daily Work Intern, 2015-16


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