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A Day at Daily Work

by Maihlee Lee, Case Management Intern

mailee-picThe culture of Daily Work is warm, comfortable, and welcoming. Hellen, the administrative assistant, greets every person who comes to Daily Work with a positive, calm and strong presence that makes both staff and job seekers feel welcome.

Becky is the social work field supervisor; she does consultation with case manager interns about their learning, questions, and goals for professionalism. The case manager interns give direct service to the Daily Work job seekers with open minds and passions. Julie is the executive director. She checks in with the case manager interns, gives them support and guidance, and is responsible for all other aspects of Daily Work’s operations.

The donors are the backbone of Daily Work. With the donors’ support, it enables Daily Work to help struggling job seekers to strive for their employment goals. That is why it’s important for Daily Work to keep track of the job interviews and job hiring that our job seekers received; it shows that Daily Work is effective in fulfilling its mission statement. With the whole team working together, Daily Work is able to meet their mission statement of helping our struggling job seekers. We ensure that every job seeker’s questions are addressed, concerns are directed, and goals are achieved.


Daily Work’s staff strives to build team cohesion and a supportive system. With support, guidance and reassurance from each other, we learn to believe in ourselves and that we are capable to help each job seeker. Working with a diverse working population is valuable to our work. We work hands-on with every job seeker.

For example, recently I facilitated our Interviewing Skills class. We each take turns in this role to ensure our job seekers are ready for job interviews. Halfway through the class another case manager joined me. Hannah had helped create the class content and she was able to help me elaborate on my answers to the job seeker’s questions. This was also a learning moment for me to see how Hannah interacts and coaches job seekers differently from me.

I like to encourage teamwork in my appointments with job seekers, too. I want job seekers to feel involved with the steps we are taking for their job search. For example, I let job seekers know that I can learn from them, too, so it’s great to ask questions. I ask job seekers to review their job applications and job descriptions. I also let the job seekers know that it’s okay for them to say no to jobs that do not interest them. This way job seekers know that their voice is critical to the process. When job seekers and I are working on their cover letter, I like to encourage them to reflect and think about how they can show the hiring manager why they are a good fit for the position. I give examples for the job seekers and they are able to tell me what to write in their cover letter.

Daily Work Helps

By building a strong working relationship, I learn about my job seeker’s lives and all the things that will impact their employment. For example, one of my job seekers asked me about my weekend. I said I babysat while my aunt and uncle traveled out of state. My response lead to conversation about family and I learned that my job seeker and her children are the only people in her family living in Minnesota. Her siblings and parents live in other countries. I now know that my job seeker might have to rely on friends or have better “back-up” plans if she ever has an emergency, such as a sick child, as she does not have family here to help her out.

Everyone at Daily Work is passionate about contributing their skills and knowledge to help job seekers achieve their employment goals.  I am thankful to all of Daily Work’s donors for making our internship experience possible and for giving job seeker’s the opportunity to move forward with Daily Work. I am grateful to my colleagues and supervisors for enriching my days with new information and resources.

Daily Work is a positive, welcoming, and supportive environment to all job seekers. If you ever want to experience a day…or an hour… at Daily Work for yourself, we’d be happy to schedule a tour just for you. Give us a call at (651) 204-3043 and ask to talk to Julie or send an email to julie@daily-work.org


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