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Steps To Success

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Staying together. Staying strong. Will you join us? As joblessness surges, here is how you can help or click to donate now

How Minnesota will look on the other side of COVID-19 is anyone's guess.

What we do know is that the people who are the most vulnerable now - people with less education or fewer job skills, those currently experiencing poverty or homelessness, immigrants learning a new language and culture - i.e., those who depend on Daily Work - are being hit the hardest. We take that reality very seriously.

Stepping Up. To that end, Daily Work is open for business, remotely of course, and meeting with job seekers every day by phone - no small feat for an organization that serves primarily English Language learners. The good news is that demand for workers in certain job sectors is growing and work opportunities do exist. Some of our job seekers are actively interviewing and accepting job offers.

Daily Work is also addressing the demand for new needs such as helping job seekers understand the Stay at Home Order, filing for unemployment benefits or financial assistance, navigating MN Sure's open enrollment period, and building skills in using email, phone and other integrated communication technologies.

Staying Strong. We are all jumping in. Pictured here is Mesfin, a former job seeker now on the front lines working at United Hospital. We're grateful for his skills to help people with COVID-19 or other health challenges.

Man in hospital mask & face shield

Staying Together. While all of this going on, our annual gathering, the Steps to Success Luncheon, has been cancelled. The luncheon is key to Daily Work's cash flow and operations as it brings in 30 percent of our annual revenue. As we transition our fundraising activities, Daily Work is financially vulnerable. To continue to meet the needs of job seekers and to replace the funds usually generated by the luncheon, we must raise $40,000 by May 31.

Your gift is more important than ever! As joblessness rises, your contribution will ensure that Daily Work's doors stay open and job job seekers in our community can get the support they need. Here's how you can help.

  1. Donate Now! Click here to pay online.
  2. Donate Monthly. Recurring gifts provide consistent revenue year-round.
  3. I am able to do more! I will make a one-time emergency donation and set-up a monthly donation! Please note, this will require you to set up two, separate transactions.
  4. Stay Connected. Join us on Facebook, read our blog, or check our website for new stories and information.

Special thanks to everyone who is sticking with us, especially our sponsors!

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