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For 20 years, Daily Work has advanced employment equity in the St. Paul area by supporting at-risk, low-income job seekers. Through one-to-one employment services, we strive to mitigate the systemic barriers that limit access and opportunity for many. Our work is grounded in an awareness of the relationship between long-term poverty, underemployment and unemployment, and their disproportionate impact on immigrants, and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

By resourcing basic needs, teaching job skills, and providing critical assistance with accessing and applying for online employment opportunities, Daily Work helps people who struggle with income insecurity enter or advance in the workforce. Today, COVID-19 is making this support more important than ever. With many activities now being carried out online, home computers, internet connectivity, and digital skills are basic requirements for job searches, appointments, education, and regular activities of daily life. But what about people who cannot afford this new normal?

To address this need, Daily Work has launched the Technology Essentials Core Initiative (TECI) to put computers and internet services inside the homes of our job seekers. A volunteer tech squad sets up the system and also teaches basic-use skills.

By providing technology equipment and training to those who need it most we have an opportunity to make this new reality more accessible.

We hope you will join us in this effort by making a one-time or recurring monthly gift. Imagine your life if you had to walk or take a bus to the library every time you needed to respond to an email, make an appointment or resource a question. In the lives of our job seekers, this program's value is clear.

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