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Why Daily Work?

I recently visited a New Brighton nursing home and saw one of our job seekers in action. Jaye has been working there as a receptionist since March 2013. This nursing home is busy, really busy. In the 30 minutes I was there, I bet 20 people came to the front desk seeking directions, room numbers, or people. Jaye deftly handled them all; including prepping a mailing, answering the phone, and responding to employee requests.

Because I had the chance to truly get to know Jaye, I knew she would be a great employee for someone. But like so many of our job seekers, it took awhile for Jaye to land a job because it was hard for her to demonstrate her true capacity in a one-page resume or in a 45-minute interview.

Most of Daily Work’s job seekers don’t look good on paper; they have been out of work, sometimes for years. They don’t have all the skills they need; they might have a thick accent, or they’re too young or too old. I can tell you that many of them have been through great personal strife, and like Jaye, they keep their good attitude and they keep trying. Our job seekers have the potential to be not just good employees, but great employees, if they can get their foot in the door.

That’s what we strive to do at Daily Work…we help job seekers get the tools they need so employers see past their paperwork...and notice their strengths.

When you support Daily Work, you help put people to work… and that’s a gift that makes a difference for a lifetime. Thank you so very much for supporting Daily Work. Your partnership and support is truly life changing for job seekers like Jaye!

With Gratitude,

Julie Hoff
Executive Director




Here are more good reasons to invest in Daily Work's job seekers.

Donating pays dividends.

Research shows that unemployment has adverse effects on individuals, families, and communities. Your gifts to Daily Work directly support people like Abera, Jaye and Jeff  by helping them regain their self-esteem, care for their families, and make a positive impacts in our community through work, benefiting everyone.

Your support goes far.
Your gift directly impacts the lives of the participants in our program, and student volunteers alike. Your contribution supports:

  • Connecting job seekers with employers who need them
  • Providing support and inspiration to job seekers who may feel hopeless
  • Giving passionate college students practical skills to prepare them for the future
  • Finding resources for people who are struggling to learn English, need a new resume, or who require better clothes for job interviews

Take the first step in changing someone’s future: Donate today!