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Driving Into Daily Work

Interning at Daily Work...

When I used to hear the word internship, I don’t know about you, but an image popped in my head of a young college student running coffee errands and mail runs for business men and women in an office setting. So after getting placed at Daily Work as a case manager intern, I had a million questions going through my head. Will I learn something from my time here? How effective are their services? I had no idea what to expect.

Fast forward to my now several weeks at Daily Work, and it’s already proven to be the complete opposite of what I thought an internship would be like. I’m very hands on with my position and can easily apply what I’m learning as a social work student to my time with job seekers. I know what you’re thinking. The stuff you learn about in school is actually valid in real life? Yes! It is, and most importantly I’ve seen how our job seekers’ educational opportunities have proven to benefit their real lives as well.

I’ve gotten to know several job seekers and have begun to see a few of them on a regular basis, and I can visibly see both professional and personal growth in them. Many of our job seekers are putting in time and effort toward improving and broadening their skills by completing countless training programs and educational courses. Daily Work refers many job seekers to these programs and resources.

Through my own one-on-one sessions, I see job seekers’ occupational skills improving tremendously. They often go from being unsure about a job interview, to completely wowing employers during another. It’s clear that their sheer determination and Daily Work’s efforts are an ideal and effective combination. Every week I come to my internship, I’m reminded of the positive results of the Daily Work agency and couldn’t be happier being a part of the team.

Khaliya Dorry Khaliya Dorry, Daily Work Intern




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