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Why Listening is the Key to Effective Communication

We've all heard that good communication is key to a good relationships, understanding, and making the best possible first impression.

So, what is effective communication? Listening is one critical component. Listening effectively with job seekers builds a relationship with them so that we can work effectively together in finding employment. Every day, Daily Work must gain information from job seekers to help them make employment decisions. Without good listening, Daily Work would not be able to obtain the information needed to help job seekers reach their goals.

What else does listening do?

Active listening builds trust with job seekers. For example, when you are paying attention, showing that you care, listening attentively, and embracing different points of view, people begin to trust you and engage more in conversation.

Good listening also creates more effective relationships with job seekers. Listening carefully and offering accurate feedback and empathy helps people to feel heard and understood. As we listen and reflect without judgment, job seekers feel more valued. This helps create authentic relationships between job seekers and case managers.

Lastly, effective communication fosters greater acceptance of change. When case managers accurately hear and reflect back what job seekers are communicating, it helps create the foundation for change because job seekers better understand what's needed to achieve their goals, what changes are needed, and the positive impact to them. Effective communication involves the job seeker and empowers them to make the changes they desire.

To conclude, effective communication through the use of active and accurate listening helps Daily Work gain job seekers’ gain trust and it is key to Daily Work’s mission. Tell us about someone who has helped you make a change in your life. Was listening an important part of your relationship? We'd love to hear your stories.

Mai Herr,
Metropolitan State University

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