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Empowering People and Changing Livestiffany- edit

By Tiffany Xiong, Case Management Intern

 My dad is the reason I am so dedicated and committed to social justice. My dad did not go to college and does not speak English clearly. Because of that, some people see him as unintelligent or unsuccessful. But I know him to be one of the smartest, hard-working men I know.

For example, recently he decided to build a front porch for our family home. Instead of hiring someone else to do it, he decided to build the porch by himself. Every day, when I came home from school and work, I saw his progress. When my dad finished, I asked him, “How did you know how to build this?” And he replied, “You just do it.”

I was amazed by how my Dad accomplished this. He had never built anything like this before, yet he tackled this project with confidence and determination. His example helps me know that I can achieve whatever I set mind too, no matter how I look or sound or how much education I am privileged enough to receive. My dream is that one day, no one is judged to be less than anyone else simply on the basis of how they look, whether or not they have an accent, if they went to college, or what they do for a living. Everyone should have the access and opportunity to find fulfilling work and support themselves and their families.

This is why I believe in organizations like Daily Work. Regardless of what experience, education, or ability to speak English our job seekers bring to us, we believe in the their ability and potential to  find work and live healthy and happy lives.

I am an employment counselor intern at Daily Work. This involves connecting job seekers to different partners and community organizations to make sure they have a roof over their heads, food on their plates, and warm clothes to wear. Working at Daily Work has taught me many things.

Working at Daily Work has taught me that people are very resilient. No matter what hardships people have had to endure, they are still very determined and committed to not only improve their lives but also to better provide for their families. My experience with job seekers has strengthened my resolve to eliminate barriers to finding employment and to continue advocating for social and economic justice.

What we do at Daily Work is a team and collaborative effort. Empowering people and changing lives and communities cannot be done alone. So thank you to all volunteers and community partners for your hard work and contributions!

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