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ESL and Other Resources at Hubbs Center

Augsburg Intern Liv Meland

Do you or does someone you know need help learning  English? Would you or someone you know benefit from training in a specific area?  If yes, the Hubbs Center is a great resource for you!

The Hubbs Center offers free English classes, GED classes and testing, and a variety of other classes that help people seeking employment gain additional knowledge that can help them succeed in their employment field. English classes are offered at a variety of places throughout St. Paul, during the morning, afternoon, and evening. Some certification and pre-training classes are offered, including ServSafe (a food safety training and certificate program), training for operating a boiler machine, and pre-Certified Nursing Assistant training. Most classes are free, but several of the certification classes do require a fee. If this is an issue for you, stop by Daily Work and one of our employment counselors can see what resources available to help you.

The Hubbs Center is about a ten minute drive from Daily Work’s St. Paul office. If interested, call to make an appointment, stop by their offices, or visit their website http://hubbs.spps.org/Home.html

To contact the Hubbs Center:

  • General Information- 651-290-4822
  • Intake and Registration- 651-744-7629

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