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...Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle
How a "strengths perspective" can help you win the war

One of my favorite sayings goes like this:  Be kind -- for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle (Ian Maclaren).

I strive to remember this when working with job seekers at Daily Work. Like each of us, every job seeker has a unique story and a personal journey filled with ups and downs. This reminds me to consider other view points, helps me relate better to others, and most importantly, embrace differences.

Embracing differences helps us to grow, to critically think about our own beliefs and judgments, and step outside of our own little box and understand others as a whole, and not disregard their thoughts, feelings, statements, or actions simply because they are different than ours.

At Daily Work we help people struggling with poverty and unemployment, no matter how different we may be. We help job seekers take their past experiences, learn from them, and then become stronger from those experiences. We embrace differences and showcase them as strengths and unique traits that they can bring to employers. In social work, we call this “strengths perspective.”

A strengths perspective assesses a person’s strengths and then builds on them. This approach empowers them and helps reframe their perceptions to find good even in the most difficult situations.

This is a great persepctive to use in your own life, too. Take a moment before the year ends and write down your own strengths and think about how you can build on them and use them in your life. Next time you are faced with a personal challenge , pull out your list and use the strengths you identified to help you make the best of a difficult time.

HollyThis post was written by Holly Dieatrick, a social work intern with Daily Work and a junior at Bethel University. She wrote it as a reflection about what she is learning about herself and others by interning at Daily Work. 

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