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Four Ways to be more Successful at Work

By Baberich Abendan, nonprofit management intern

Congratulations! You landed the job! You’re adjusting to your new work environment, but you’re uncertain if this new job is for you. Take a step back and reflect; what have you enjoyed so far and how can you make your experience better?  You are not alone. Obstacles and doubts follow everyone at work. A possibility is that you are feeling overwhelmed or you do not know how to tackle a certain task. I have been in similar situations and found ways to overcome these hurdles. Here are four things that help me deal effectively with challenges and be more successful at work.

  • Know yourself and your purpose

Assumptions about your job are unavoidable. While some wear them proudly, some don’t. Take my advice: Do the best you can in the work you do and produce great results. The work you do will reflect on you, so be the star that you are and the end results of your work will also be a star! Be proud of what you do and what you make; know your worth. Your role in the company is important. Do whatever you need to (within company rules, of course) to make the most of your job!

  • Connect with your colleagues

Get to know your co-workers. This will help you to feel like you belong in the company.

If your colleagues know you, your face, voice, identity, passion, and what matters to you; it will help you build good relationships and make connections. They will see your importance to the company and acknowledge you for the work you do. This will also help you better understand how your work affects theirs. No doubt, your jobs intersect each other at some points; your success will help them to be more successful.

  • Think about the next step

The work you have been doing is shining like a star (like you), you are building relationships and connections, and your colleagues are getting to know you. Now what? 

Think of taking the next step. 

Even if you enjoy what you are doing now or recently got settled in, think of what you can do at work to prepare yourself for your next step. It does not have to be a higher position (but it can be) but seek out ways to improve your knowledge and skills or incorporate new ways to make your work interesting, easier, or efficient. Some companies offer free classes; take advantage of them. Organizations like Daily Work can connect you with resources that can help you obtain the skills you want. Even better, Daily Work can help you think about and guide you to the next step in your career.

  • Build a relationship with your manager

Contrary to popular belief, the Harvard Business Review says that people do not quit their bosses, they quit their jobs due to boredom or lack of growth opportunities. However, the people responsible for those jobs are the managers. Your relationship with your manager is a key indicator of job satisfaction and success.

If your manager knows you do a great job and knows your interests, they are more likely to help you achieve your goals for growth and advancement. Establish a relationship with your manager or supervisor early, do not be afraid to talk to them just because they hold a higher position than you. Your relationship with your manager or supervisor should not be a dictatorship, but instead like bees and flowers, one where you both benefit.

If you do find yourself in a situation where your manager or supervisor is not acting professionally and your work life is taking a toll, it is always a good idea to know your employee rights. For more information on Minnesota’s Labor Laws, click here to read more or you can refer to your company’s human resource team or their handbook to understand your rights as an employee. 

Your work life will often affect your private life; having a pleasant experience at work will help you be happier and more successful. The quality of your working environment will impact on the quality of your work. You have the potential to be successful; do not let anything hold you back. Be proactive! You have the resources you need to succeed, take the next step and reach out. Of course, if you need advice, ideas, help setting goals, or you’re ready to start looking for a new position, call Daily Work, (651) 204-3043. Our case workers can put you on the path to a more satisfying and successful work life.

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