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Get Your Business Involved

A big part of our job seeker’s success is the partnerships we build with hiring managers, businesses, and other community organizations. In addition to funding program services or donating equipment, services, and supplies, our business and community partners offer opportunities for our clients to gain valuable workplace experience and, in some cases, permanent employment.

Benefits of partnering with Daily Work

  • Direct access to potential applicants from our pool of eager workers
  • Recognition as a partner, sponsor, or donor in our communication materials

Here are some ideas for getting your business involved with Daily Work:

  • Sponsor an event
  • Donate equipment or supplies
  • Share the knowledge and skills of your human resources manager(s)
  • Hire our clients
  • Teach clients about the your business and what you’re looking for in new employees

To explore a partnership with Daily Work please call Julie Hoff, Executive Director at 612.272.6269.