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Grateful for Daily Workpeople

 I became an intern at Daily Work through the field placement process at St. Thomas University, where I am getting a master’s degree in Social Work. My goal was to obtain an internship that would help me gain meaningful social work experience and clinical supervision.

I am grateful to be at Daily Work for several reasons.

Daily Work has a lot of heart.

I wanted to intern at a place that took client care seriously and truly had the heart to help people to the best of their abilities. Most importantly, I wanted to be surrounded by people who are warm and welcoming, who are genuinely good people and care about their interns. I can honestly say Daily Work has given me that.

Daily Work takes helping people seriously.

I wanted to be involved in helping people with many different aspects of their lives, but it’s not often you can find that. Daily Work can be a one stop shop for people, versus having to send them all over town. We help people with:

Daily Work’s job seekers inspire me!

I’m working with a woman named Martha (changed for her privacy), who works two full time jobs, plus takes care of her family by cooking and cleaning. She’s a wonderful person, and it breaks my heart to see her working so hard and getting worn down. Our goal is to find her a new job so she can stop doing work that is damaging her body and allows her to spend more time with her family.

What amazes me and solidifies my trust in Daily Work, is the faith that job seeker’s put in us. Even though Martha is beyond busy and hardly has time to sleep, she still feels it’s important to keep coming to Daily Work. Week after week, she always shows up. It’s a story like this that fills my heart and makes me want to work hard. It makes me proud to be an intern at Daily Work because I feel blessed to be able to bear witness to stories like Martha’s.

What a blessing it is that Daily Work can exist thanks to the support and teamwork of the people in our community. Together, we provide job seekers, interns, volunteers, and community members alike with the opportunity to learn from, help and inspire each other.

By Brittany Feller, Daily Work Case Manangment Internbrittany-pic

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