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Hands-on Experience is Eye-Opening

By Jacob Sobiech, Jacob Richardson, Nathan Anondson, and Angelique Kellogg, Inver Hills Community College Students

The IHCC Video Crew

The small group communications class at Inver Hills Community College aspires to attain skills that will allow us to become more effective workers. Throughout the past 4-5 months, we have developed a devoted and involved relationship with Daily Work.

As a class, we have split into groups tasked with finding donors, figuring out the logistics of planning a benefit, calling sponsors, creating an interactive tour, filming a video, and much more. Our hands-on activities are giving us an eye-opening experience.

The table hosts group has been making phone calls to find potential attendees to host a group. The sponsors group has been calling various corporations with hopes of allocating funding for Daily Work. Our logistics group has been planning multiple aspects of the benefit geared towards making sure guests have an enjoyable experience. Our tours group has made an interactive experience for guests to experience the how Daily Work job seekers really feel. Our video group has visited a job seeker’s home and are choosing which parts of the video show the impact Daily Work has had on him, his wife, and his children.

While we have many successes, we have also had many difficulties regarding this project. For example, groups attempting to find sponsors were often hung up on or were never called back. Logistics has struggled to find donated flowers for the event. The video group has experienced troubles with finding time and equipment. Our group, publicity, has faced challenges in drafting blog posts that draw attention as well as evoke emotion.

It has been great experience for all of us to see what goes into planning this event and learn to work together effectively to make sure the luncheon is successful and Daily Work has the necessary funding to help the community prosper.

 Please join us at our annual Steps to Success Luncheon on Wednesday, May 2 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. The event will be held at 415 Pascal Street North, just north of 1-94 between Snelling and Hamline. To register, visit https://dwluncheon.eventbrite.com

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