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Daily Work has impacted what I see in my future greatly. Before working with Daily Work, I felt that everyone could get a job if they really wanted to, but I was wrong.

Harriet Lindwright, a University of St. Thomas (UST) social work student, interned with Daily Work last school year and then helped out as a part-time employee this summer. Harriet is getting ready to go back to school in September and shared how her internship changed her life... and her perspective.

Harriet (right) and client Heather, with Nolan and Margy

Before interning at Daily Work, I wanted to be a chemical dependency counselor. But because of this internship, I became very interested in job counseling, especially with immigrants. I feel Daily Work helped me find a new purpose.

I learned a lot about the hardships that accompany unemployment, and how it affects every aspect of peoples' lives. I learned that people need jobs to feel self-sufficient, and many will not accept government assistance because they are too proud. I also worked with many recent immigrants, and I learned they have an especially difficult time finding a job due to cultural barriers, language barriers, and sometimes racism. As a job counselor at Daily Work, I helped them bridge this gap.

I observed that many people come to Daily Work hopeless and desperate, but they regain hope when they see the people here are genuinely interested in helping them succeed. I have personally been a part of many clients getting jobs, and there is no better feeling. Daily Work helps clients to regain their independence and feel self-sufficient again.

This is one example of how your support changed Harriet's life...and how your continued support will help our new interns find a life path that benefits others. Thank you, and thanks Harriet, for all your hands-on help.

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