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Helping Job Seekers Thrive

By Rachel O'Keefe, Former Case Management Intern

Driven by a love for working with others and a passion for serving, Rahel was ready to take her skills in housekeeping and food service to the next level. Tired of working two jobs to pay the bills, Rahel’s goal was to find a new job with better pay. The best place for that: hospitals.

Rahel immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia a little over 10 years ago. After taking a course in hotel housekeeping at the International Institute of Minnesota, she secured jobs as a food service worker at the airport and in a nursing home, but the pay was never enough to support a life in motion. Expenses such as food, transportation, rent, utilities, and more were eating up every penny Rahel earned.

At first glance, it would seem that Rahel’s stellar 10-year track record of housekeeping jobs and food service jobs should be more than enough to her move to the next level. However, as many Daily Work job seekers know, hospital jobs are among the most coveted and therefore, competitive jobs to obtain.

After months of searching, Rahel landed a new job as a housekeeping assistant with a major Twin City medical center. Although it is only part-time, at $16.51 per hour it pays significantly more than Rahel’s other jobs and provides a foot in the door, and ultimately, an opportunity for a full-time position.

Rahel loves her new job and says that “Daily Work changed my life.” She is enthusiastic about the new opportunities for growth and stability this position provides, including better capacity for her to explore education for a more specialized career in healthcare. 

“Daily Work is very nice, everyone is welcoming and helpful. When you get nice people, you will be successful. I’m so grateful for Daily Work,” Rahel says about her job search experience.

Rahel’s story is a perfect example of Daily Work’s mission in action to provide job placement services and mentoring so job seekers can thrive. Thanks to support from people like you, Rahel is climbing the career ladder and exploring new career pathways. To support our mission and more job seekers like Rahel, visit https://givemn.org/organization/Daily-Work.


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