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Holidays….Cheer or Fear?

Most of us take for granted that holidays are opportunities to spend time with loved ones and rejoice for what we’re grateful for. For many, it is a time full of happiness, but for others it’s a reminder of the real life struggles they are experiencing.

Holidays, big or little, can be a source of great stress and sadness for people who are struggling or who do not have many friends or family. It can be disheartening for someone who can’t afford to buy their child a present or provide them with an adequate meal. But with so many other obligations, especially during holidays, it’s easy to overlook the struggles of others, especially when you’re not the one struggling.

It’s easy to forget about what we don’t have to think about.

Daily Work helps people find employment. Better employment will lead to more financial security and hopefully, less stress during holidays. Next holiday, whether it’s Memorial Day, Independence Day or something else, make a conscious decision to support a struggling family by making a contribution to Daily Work. We strive to help people find work that allows them to put food on the table for their family, afford a safe place to live, and become self-sufficient,

Without your support to keep Daily Work a thriving nonprofit organization, many of our job seekers will not get the support they need to find new jobs. By supporting Daily Work, you make it possible for job seekers to access resources and get jobs that will help them find more cheer…and a lot less fear during holidays.

By Brittney Feller, Case Management Intern





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