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How Daily Work Helped Me

By: Marsue McKarr, Case Management Intern

Since starting my internship at Daily Work in May 2018, I've learned a lot about myself. As an immigrant myself, I learned that I often categorize all immigrants as having the same problems, but through meeting job seekers at Daily Work, I now see how different and unique each of us is. 

We all have our own individual strengths and problems. I have met clients who are more familiar with the computer than I am. I have also seen clients that have had a job for more than 5-10 years but they are still struggling to find another job to support their growing family.

When I first started at Daily Work I was constantly struggling to navigate the computer system, but sometimes my job seekers gave me tips on how to make my work easier. Daily Work taught me to draw on my job seekers' strengths. This helped me realize that education is a process and that we can all continue to learn. 

I learned to come to my supervisors or fellow interns for the help and resources that I need. They helped me throughout my learning process and now I can serve job seekers more efficiently. I see Daily Work as a family because of all the support that we give each other.  

Daily Work encouraged me to attend outside activities, especially those geared at understanding diversity and decreasing racism. The most recent one that I had the opportunity to attend was the Doctors Without Borders experience that was in Minnesota this summer. This event was eye-opening for me because I hadn’t realized the depth of struggle that others have, not only in their home countries, but here in America as well.

I will graduate from college with a social work degree this Friday, December 14. Daily Work helped me gain confidence in my skills so that I can be an even better social worker. Thank you to everyone in our community for supporting students like me and the job seekers that Daily Work serves. 


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