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Paying It ForwardHow Do You Pay it Forward?

 Powerful things happen when a group of people come together to make a difference. We might not change the world instantly, but little things add up to make a big difference in the lives of others.

The great humanitarian Mahatma Gandhi once said: “We should be the change we want to see in the world.”

It’s important to set examples for the younger generation to follow. When we “pay it forward,” others look at the work we do, they see the positive impact we have on others, and they can be motivated to be change-makers in our community.

At Daily Work, we “pay it forward” by helping people who are experiencing poverty, financial crisis, and unemployment to take steps that will help them find a job, move out of poverty, and sustain themselves without help from others.

We try our best to have positive impacts in our client’s lives. We make it our duty and responsibility to work together to help them get the job they want. We meet our clients at the point of their needs and we work together for the greater good.

We all have experienced some type of difficulty…or we know someone who has. What we do here at Daily Work is rewarding because we see that we can be the small change that turns into a big difference in someone’s life.

Have you made a difference in someone’s life… or has someone made a difference in yours? Please share your “pay it forward” experience with us!

 By Peaches GoodridgePeaches_Headshot_1

Case Management Intern at Daily Work and Senior at Metropolitan State Univeristy

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