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Steps to Success

Daily Work’s volunteer counselors work with clients to create a highly personalized action plan that identifies each person’s experiences, strengths, barriers, interests, and dreams. Once the plan is complete, we work together to effectively access the many resources already available in our community.

Initial Intake

Establish experience, skills, and interest base-line. We listen to the client's story - their needs, challenges, hopes, and dreams. Success is built on uncovering and recognizing abilities and deficits, finding appropriate near-term employment, and planning and preparing for future advancement.

Identify barriers to success. Each client faces unique barriers that add to the difficulty of finding sustainable work. Whether real or perceived, these barriers must be recognized before they can be overcome.

Develop an individualized strategy for employment and advancement.After barriers and challenges are identified, we work with the client to create an action plan that includes near- and longer-term objectives.

Implement Job Search Plans

Access resources to help overcome employment barriers. We assist clients in taking small, solid steps to meet their larger goals and help them find and effectively use available resources including:

  • Obtaining identification cards
  • Taking advantage of training opportunities
  • Discovering grants for training or a driver's license
  • Attending English language classes
  • Using free financial counseling
  • Accessing free medical or dental services

Technical Assistance

We assist with the job search process and help clients develop the skills necessary to do it themselves. We help clients:

  • Create resumes
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Submit job applications
  • Learn and use computers
  • And much more

The working relationship is characterized by respect, high expectations, and mutual accountability.


Many of our clients come to us already in financial crisis. Daily Work counselors use relationships, experience, and advocacy to help clients quickly find a job.

Ongoing Support

Provide a long-term relationship. The path toward financial sufficiency is long and uneven. Even after clients find work, we continue to provide support and encouragement. We are also available if they encounter new barriers or need assistance as they advance.