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Through one-to-one employment services, Daily Work strives to mitigate the systemic barriers that limit access and opportunity for job seekers.

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Our work is grounded in an awareness of the relationship between long-term poverty and un- or under-employment, and the disproportionate impact of both on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

We focus our services on helping people secure employment as a means to achieving financial sufficiency and a healthy, holistic life experience.

Daily Work's comprehensive case management model is a collaborative process of relationship-building, assessment, goal planning, resource identification, evaluation, and advocacy grounded in a holistic view of employment in a person’s life. A multidimensional assessment considers strengths and barriers across life areas to develop goals focused on overall well-being and opportunities for gainful employment. Drawing upon strengths, an empowerment approach is used to build self-efficacy and hard and soft skills. Research and evidence-based training ensures interns and volunteers can meet the complex demands of both job seekers and the hiring process itself.

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DW Logo ShadowedDaily Work is an independent, nonprofit organization. In addition, we are a teaching organization. The majority of our case managers are social work, psychology, and human services interns from local colleges and universities.

 We provide our services from Christ on Capitol Hill in St. Paul and Christ the King Lutheran Church in New Brighton. We welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs to join us as a job seeker or as a volunteer.

 Since becoming an independent nonprofit in 2006, Daily Work has helped more than 1,000 people get new resumes, connect to resources, learn interview skills, and find work!